Almost forgot

January 2, 2007

Check this new page here as well


January 2, 2007

Have you checked top inernet marketing firms case studies, say in Atlanta area (search for “atlanta search engine optimization” or “atlanta internet marketing“) lately?

Intresting little detail. You will notice that they all claim client start date & result date 12 to 18 months apart. That means – pay us for 1.5 years and maybe we will get results.

I am proud to announce that one site client we worked since September 2006, is now (January 2, 2007) is in top 10 google for at least 50 keywords/search phrases!! Big SEO firms in Atlanta – I will take all your clients AWAY!! Watch!

Stay tuned for case study on this client.

Rollyo – very nice

December 18, 2006 is a tool similar to You can create custom search engine and only search sites you added there.

Spaces live profile

December 18, 2006

Earlier I said, I will be testing few sites for our internet marketing firm in Atlanta and see what sticks.

Check another page about our <a href=””>search engine optimization and internet marketing firm</a>

Here is fun idea! What if I tell you partial story on each of these sites and the one that gets story 100% will get nice and juicy discount on their search engine optimization services? What do ya’ say?

Piece out!

WordPress rocks! – not su much!

December 15, 2006

I have been writing my marketing blog on, but I think I fell in love with You know that feeling in the stomach? 🙂

Almost forgot

December 15, 2006

Check this new page here as well

Swicki on internet marketing

December 15, 2006

Hey everyone,

I have tested new site I heard about in Search Engine Strategies San Jose this year. Swicki is how Australian’s named it. It looks intresting. I will test it out more and if it works out I will make it about Atlanta internet marketing methodologies.

Hello world!

October 18, 2006

I am checking few blogs out to deterimine which one I need to stick with for a while for our Atlanta Internet Marketing Firm web site